Quality Control

When you see the WWTA logo you know you are working with a truss fabricator that is committed to providing a quality product.

In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Western Ontario only those truss fabricators that are members of the WWTA – MB / SK /NWO participate in a quality control program. One of the conditions of membership in the association is participation in the QC program.

Quality is monitored and maintained in two ways:

Regular in-plant inspections are conducted on a daily basis.

Trusses are inspected to determine how the end product conforms to what was designed. These inspections are carried out by personnel selected from within each fabricator’s staff. All records are maintained on site and a monthly summary of the inspection results are sent to the independent 3rd party inspector.

At least twice a year, the independent 3rd party inspector visits all of the fabricators in the association. At that time the in-house personnel and 3rd party inspector together check a series of trusses. These visits not only provide an independent validation of the quality process, but are an opportunity for training of in-plant personnel and allow for discussions of plant-specific quality and truss-design related issues.

At the end of the calendar year the 3rd party inspector coordinates all of the data collected from the plants. These data are analyzed for the entire association, and the individual plants. The analysis contained in the year-end report provides guidance related to activities for the upcoming year.